Chairman’s Desk

From the Chairman’s Pen


Mr. A. K. LAL

CHAIRMAN : Techno Mission School

 A school is recognized by its students and their character, contrary to popular belief, by their behavior in society, In other words the academic or scholastic achievements of a student is not what only matters. It is equally important if not more important as to whether a student is responsible citizen or not. School administration, teachers and parents should realize that education is not a synonym of academic excellence. Great thinkers down the ages have and still do emphasize the importance of character building as one of the aims of education. Education for Swami Vivekanand signified man making as it did and does for so many other educationists. In tandem with this line of thought it may be stated that the aim of school should not only be to frame and implement a curriculum which indulges in making but also to have a system of evaluation which records and assess growth and development of a student in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

If understood in its true spirit it is a system which recognizes and appreciates not only the fact that each child is unique but also that the ultimate goal of a school, its management and parents should be to help children equipped to meet the challenges of life with confidence and success.